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10 tricks to beat the heat of summer

Blog - 10 tricks to beat the heat of summer
  1. Drink fluids…water and/or sports drinks to replenish salt & minerals
  2. Sunscreen…be especially cautious of sunburn on young children
  3. A wide brimmed patriotic hat is your friend to keep the sun off your brow
  4. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
  5. Stay indoors, go to shopping mall or movie theater
  6. Wear a bandana around your neck and keep it wet. Evaporation will help keep you cool.
  7. Seek shade or use umbrellas and pop up tents
  8. Use Squirt bottles of water as misters (my kids favorite!)
  9. Check in frequently with your elderly family members and friends to ensure they’re hydrating
  10. Take a cool shower/bath or just turn the hose on the kids
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