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Frequently, clients call us from the scene of an accident and ask…”what do I do?” Here’s 9 quick tips of what to do when you’re involved in an Accident. Print out this list and put it in your glove box for future reference.  Please review these steps with teen drivers in your house.

  1. STOP immediately, but do not block traffic.  Move safely to road side if possible.
  2. GET HELP if someone is injured.  Call 911.
  3. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY.  Stay calm, polite, and consistent in your version of the accident.  Don’t admit fault.
  4. GATHER INFORMATION: Name, address, phone #, email address, Make, model, year of the car, license plate, insurance company, policy #.
  5. GET A WITNESS name, address, phone #, email address…especially in fender bender accidents when the police don’t come to the scene.
  6. TAKE PICTURES of everything with your cell phone.
  7. DRAW A SKETCH showing location of vehicles and other details.
  8. DON’T give anyone your Social Security #.

CALL M3 Insurance at 800-830-6656 as soon as possible.  We’ll help you understand if you need to turn in a claim or not.

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